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This was my first commercial startup started in February 2017. Get Presentations was formed with the vision to bring out the power in a presentation.

We all have attended workshops, seminars and conferences; we all have experienced some really great and some really boring ones. Have you ever thought why the session that was mend to deliver the extra knowledge to you became so boring all the way ? Was it the presenter who made it dull or the presentation that contrasted ?

This is where Get Presentations intervened ; to solve the problem of unattractive presentations and to make the hour as audience way more interesting and engaging.

We started with the design aspect doing a lot of research over and over again on power of design and its impact in delivery of a presentation. This led to us forming a protocol set for evaluating and re-formatting any presentation in terms of design.

Then, we went on to engineer the content. We dug in to understand audience types & presenters and we came up with a simplified approach to developing content which the audience would love to hear and the presenter would enjoy delivering.

With our research and study completed, we launched ourselves to the market, catering our services to corporates, startups and individuals. We received an overwhelming demand within 2 months of operation with clients from different business sectors.

As an individual, I have learnt a lot from Get Presentations.
Not only did I get better in client handling and maintaining client relations, but along width it my knowledge and understanding of design technology and content impact rose with experience.

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